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released August 14, 2013



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Headz Up Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: First Step
I'm waiting for the moment
when you exit my brain
I'm going round in circles
can't focus to get back on track

life today, never obey
care about, never self doubt
I'm looking back on yesterday,
these bittersweet memories

Memories of better times
where the sun always shines
Memories of a bitter farewell
ages of pain in a everyday-hell

now it`s time to go my own way
let the memories far away
Now it`s time to go my own way
Let the memories far away
I want hope, we wont changes

I want hope, I want a change
to get my wasted time back
no more doubt, blasting rages
now i'm back, on my old track

these days were cold, these days went black
with the bitterness of separation, isolation

but now is the time to raise my head
i'm lookin' ahead and begin to live
Track Name: Fight Back
With the devil in the head, mind fucked
with the hate is in the fist, fight back

with the cruelty of the past view
fight back, brutality like war

fight back with heart

i've had it, i just can't stay
Every day I run away

don`t look away regather your friends
conquer the streets hand in hand
against the hate and the violence
for the freedom for yourself
let the crimes of the past
never ever happen again
raise your fist open your mouth
scream it loud nazis out